Our Approach
Delivering Business and Operational Excellence
ICRMS has been successful in delivering customised tailored and integrated solutions that help our clients' to achieve operational excellence and a competitive advantage enabling them greater success in the marketplace.

We understand that business challenges vary by industry and may even be different across regions, so we start every engagement with a client business analysis that identifies unique challenges and constraints.

We enable Agile Technology to support and enhance business visibility and operational productivity that would result in significant cost saving for each client. This approach allows us to deliver valuable solutions, deep insight and operational improvements with each iteration.
Business Challenges
Following are few business challenges ICRMS has addressed for its clients':

Unique Identifier in the Credit Bureau System
The unique identifier is one of the most important elements for matching, merging and producing Credit Information Reports (CIRs) for credit bureaus.

Unfortunately, banks, financial institutions, telecom and utility companies in some countries do not collect or provide unique identifiers, and even those that do provide the information don't have standardised reporting methods or formats.

ICRMS resolved the client's problem with a customised solution that integrated identifiers from a variety of data sources, and then collated and matched them into the credit bureau database.

ICRMS thereafter delineated the match and merge logic and the retrieval of CIRs from the Credit Bureau System using the Unique Identifier.

Quality Data Submission
Any credit bureau's success hinges on the number and quality of the records in their database, but many credit bureaus have issues with data quality, including aggregating data and the quality of the available data.

The ICRMS solutions, offered through credit bureau at more than 40 banks and financial institutions, provides unparalleled benefits, including:
  • Cleansing solutions that enable rationalisation of data elements from disparate sources;
  • A gap analysis that identified differences between the required data elements and the actual data available;
  • A clear understanding of both the business and technical aspects of the data;
  • Design and development of standardised data extraction formats for banks, financial institutions, telecom and insurance companies;
  • Data extraction and standardisation across multiple systems and formats;
  • Data transformation and presentation in formats that support and simplify decision making; and
  • Integration of standardised data into credit bureau systems.
Workflow, Policies, Processes, Systems - Business, Credit and Operations
Our client's key objective was to enhance visibility of its core competencies to create market differentiation and increase its business.

However, the client's faced constraints due to increase in operational cost and asymmetrical business results under given different scenario.

ICRMS designed a custom workflow to achieve their objectives by restructuring their day-to-day processes, reduce turnaround time strengthening the overall business.

ITRISTM - An Enterprise Report Integration & Credit Decision Tool
Core competency of Banks and Financial Institutions (BFIs) with regards to lending business is essentially dependent on the interest rate offered and turn-around-time in servicing the loan.

Whilst the calculation of interest rate depends on several factors, one of the important factors is the operational cost in acquiring a client.

ICRMS designed, developed and implemented a web-based solution to collect and standardise large amounts of clients' data that was then be used to acquire its customers with a 70 percent reduction in acquisition costs.

ICRMS also offered training that help elevate clients' team's skills and knowledge, resulting in operational improvements and cost savings while improving employee morale.

These are just a few of the ways the ICRMS team has helped its clients' to achieve their objectives.