Tailored Solutions
Integrate Complex Process with Agile Solutions
ICRMS uses agile technology to deliver custom solutions to its clients to precisely meet their business needs. Tailored solutions are more effective than modifying off the shelf software because it enables the customer to obtain exactly the functionality it requires without compromising.

Most off the shelf software has been written to cover a variety of industries and organisations of all sizes. As a result, they often include terminology or processes and steps that don't apply to every industry. Business processes may be designed for large enterprises that have many different users involved in the process, with each user performing their required action in a series with the other team members. This type of process is usually too cumbersome for smaller organisations with their smaller teams.

Conversely, processes that appeal to small or mid-sized organisations because they are designed for a single user to perform all or most of the process actions are too simplistic for larger organisations and don't conform to their organisational structures. The resulting applications are effectively compromised that don't fit any organisation.

Modifying packaged solutions often means directly modifying the software supplier's code.

Most packages are not designed to allow this; so many vendors will not support the customer once they have modified code. In addition, because most applications consist of thousands or even millions of lines of poorly documented code, it is possible that modifying part of the solution might break another part of the system.

Tailored solutions offer advantages over modified packages because:
  • Custom business processes are more efficient because there are no unnecessary steps;
  • There are no warranty or support issues with the package vendor;
  • Users don't have to work through unnecessary functionality or processes; and
  • Lower overall cost.

ICRMS tailored solutions include the following benefits that are virtually impossible to achieve with packaged solutions:
  • ICRMS Solutions reflects deep domain expertise and real world operational knowledge and experience;
  • We keep real world constraints and requirements in mind while designing and developing your solution;
  • All our solutions are Business, Process and Data Quality Compliant;
  • Our solutions adhere to regulatory and data security requirements;
  • We use agile technology methods to ensure rapid delivery of usable, high quality applications and seamless integration of new modules or applications;
  • All our solutions are flexible and offer user configurable rules based workflows;
  • ICRMS solutions offer fast implementation time frames. We offer solutions on most major operating systems, including Android applications.

ICRMS domain knowledge and expertise in developing tailored solutions for a variety of institutions across industries, includes (but not limited to):