Events & Promotions
Building Brand Loyalty
Now ICRMS can help its clients by providing market and customer research and insight into the product and services. Market research is one of the most valuable commodities that any company can possess because it provides an exclusive road map to increased sales and customer satisfaction. ICRMS helps you to uncover the insight you need to achieve the success you want.

Promotions are more effective than advertising in building brand loyalty. Customers love to feel that they are receiving a good deal, so a promotion helps them achieve that objective while creating a feeling of warmth and trust about your company and brand.

Benefits of Promotions over Advertising
Advertising may create awareness of your products and services, but it doesn't cement a strong relationship with customers and prospects the way promotions do. Faced with identical products at the same price, customers will choose which to buy based on their perception of the brand.

Advertising creates awareness for one brand over the other, but it is promotion that provides something the customer wants or needs and will create an even stronger preference for a brand.

Event Management
Customers form strong perceptions about your product's quality from the events that they attend. Don't let unexpected glitches at events derail your sales efforts. Trust your event management to ICRMS to perfectly execute events that enhance your image and increase sales.

Market Research
It's important to know what customers want and what your competition is doing. Market research can provide the answers to both sides of the equation by providing insight into customer challenges, their perception of your brand or your competitor's brand, and also help to identify market trends and potential new products or features that you should add to your portfolio.

ICRMS has a trained team of researchers who can format your questionnaires and return both qualitative and quantitative data to answer your market questions.

Consumer Experience Management
If a customer has a support or service issue, the way in which you handle it can influence whether you have a customer who is loyal for life or whether you drive your customers' right into your competitor's arms.

ICRMS has a trained team that can manage the customer experience and turn potentially bad experiences into an opportunity to create a stronger relationship. Trust your customer experience to ICRMS for superior results.

Customer Surveys
It's important to understand how your customers perceive your company and its products.

It can be helpful to find out how they are using your products & what suggestions they might make to improve its utility.

ICRMS can manage customer surveys and polls that can answer these questions and help guide you to a stronger product portfolio and happier, more loyal customers.

ICRMS team additionally use its market expertise to provide insight that result in higher sales and happier customers.

Mystery Shopping
There is nothing like experiencing an actual interaction with your company to open your eyes to ways that you can improve the customer experience.

ICRMS has a team of mystery shoppers who will interact anonymously with your team to find out exactly how your team treats customers and whether or not your company is a pleasure to do business with.