Credit Bureau / National Information Bureau
A Suite of Regulatory Compliant Solutions
The ICRMS Team has extensive prior experience in establishing Credit Bureaus - Revenue Models in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Credit Bureaus Revenue Models includes but not limited to designing, developing and implementing Credit Bureau - Policies, Processes and Procedures, Systems in the areas of Legal, Business Development, Marketing, Operations, Technology and Training.

ICRMS is specialised in delivering customised solutions to improve the operational effectiveness of financial institutions and credit bureaus.

ICRMS Team was instrumental in creating, delivering and implementing an optimised solution for collating, matching and integrating distinctive identifier information from multiple disparate sources into the credit bureau database.

To accomplish this, we delineated the match and merge logic enabling credit bureau to capture data and the retrieval of credit information reports in the absence of Unique Identifier codes which was used by data providers / credit grantors throughout the industry in certain regions.

In addition, the ICRMS Team also has extensive prior experience working closely with more than 40 institutions in creating and delivering a customised, innovative, high quality, comprehensive suite of Credit Bureau Solutions.

The suite of Credit Bureau Solutions includes the implementation services and training necessary to ensure successful deployment for our clients' business.

The suite of Credit Bureau Solutions, which we specifically designed and developed for credit bureaus is based on our extensive real life experience, are multi-language and they help banks, financial institutions, telecom and utility companies to meet the requirements set by the Central Bank and the Credit Bureaus in the closely regulated areas of Privacy Laws, Data Sharing and Management, Accessing Credit Information Reports and Dispute Resolution.

The suite of Credit Bureau Solutions improves the operational effectiveness of our Credit Bureau customers, ensuring immediate and repeatable success in creating value for our clients' and its stakeholders.

ICRMS has a unique process which serves to preserve internal knowledge and improves the efficiency of our clients' teams. We put a process in place to encourage knowledge sharing and continual training so that each employee stays up to date with the necessary knowledge and skills. We also ensure that they are current on news pertaining to developments in the credit bureau and financial industries.

The result is that ICRMS and its clients' both enjoy up to date knowledge about new regulations and best practices that may affect operational efficiency and require changes to business and operational processes.

This continual educational process also enhances ICRMS' visibility and ensures our readiness to enter into new or continuing engagements with clients' or prospects.

In addition, ICRMS continually hones its skills and expertise to ensure that they are ready from both business knowledge and a technical skills perspective to deliver customised business solutions that improve efficiency and eliminate non-value added steps.