Call Centre Services
Customer Relationship Management
ICRMS has expanded its suite of solutions to include call centre services for its clients'.

Whether your company needs call centre services for marketing, support or sales, outsourcing the day-to-day operations of your call centre makes perfect sense.

ICRMS call centre personnel have extensive background in the financial services industry, so they have a common vocabulary with your customers and prospects.

Since ICRMS was founded in Egypt and India, we have English speaking and bilingual people on the team to ensure your message reaches your prospects clearly and exactly as you want it to.

We can integrate our call centre directly with your customer relationship management application, or we can capture and store the information in call centre system and then integrate it by downloading the data into your own CRM system.

Complete Customer Relationship Management Services
We capture the information you need for a complete 360 degree view of your customer or prospect. Every interaction with a customer is captured within the system so you always have a complete picture of the account status. You can capture and view information regarding sales, service requirements or support needs in a single application, and your customer interacts with trained call centre experts.

Sales Services
Whether you are looking for inbound or outbound sales calls, we have experts who can handle the calls. You can provide your own sales scripts, or we'll work with you to develop a script that helps you to close business and increase sales. We're adept at up selling and cross selling of complementary products, so your average revenue per sale is likely to increase as well when you outsource your call centre to ICRMS.

Marketing and Promotions Programs
If you are looking to generate new leads or increase brand awareness, our call centre may be just the solution you require. We work directly from your scripts and lists, so you know that we are representing your brand exactly as you want and that we are targeting prospects that meet your criteria. We handle new account sales, subscriptions and renewals or sales follow ups and thank you calls.

Loyalty Program Service
We help to ensure that your customers know the benefits your loyalty program provides to them, and we process renewals, roll out promotions and conduct surveys or polls. When it comes to customer call centre activities, the ICRMS team has the skills and expertise you need to increase sales, ensure customer satisfaction and control costs.