Advisory Services
Delivering Industry Experience
ICRMS is in the business of delivering Operational and Business Excellence underlining / supported with Project Management skills and Agile Technology.

Our experience, industry skills and unique approach combine to provide immediate value to all our clients. While we have expert technical teams on staff, it is our business and industry skill that sets ICRMS apart from all other management consultancy firms.

Our Advisory Services can help your organisation with:
Turnkey Project & Start Up Operations
Credit and Operations Management
Software Technology & Evaluation
Business Development
Change Management
Developing Policies and Procedures across All Departments
Risk Management
Custom Tailored Software Application Development
HR - Resource Planning
Regulatory Compliance
Business Process Improvement & Workflow Solutions
Quality Assurance
Solution Implementation & Project Management
Strategic Planning
Setting Key Performance Indicators
Our technology skills include expertise with common operating systems, call centre, database management, programming, testing and quality assurance and application and business functionalities, but it is our in-depth industry knowledge that truly sets us apart from other IT firms.

With expertise in banking and financial institutions, credit bureaus, regulatory authorities, education, telecom and service industries, our team is familiar with best practices that improve operational efficiency and provide visibility into the day-to-day workings of each organisation.

In business since 2007 and ICRMS presence in India, Egypt Sudan and UAE has helped its clients' achieve superior results by focusing on the optimum business and operational processes and supporting technology to ensure the company meets and exceeds its objectives.

We analyse every pertinent process to eliminate non-value added activities. We streamline the process and go well beyond mere content workflow to design a process that precisely meets the needs of the organisation and helps it to compete more effectively.

Our processes also include but not limited to document management and integration with regulatory authorities and third party systems to ensure that our customers can keep abreast of evolving standards and requirements.

Whether our client is a start up operation in need of turnkey solutions to help them quickly gain market share and customer confidence or a more established company looking to refresh its business and operational processes or technology systems, our advisory services team has the skills and the expertise to provide exactly the right solution to help the company achieve its goals.

We manage the client's projects to ensure that new solutions or process changes are implemented on time and on budget, with a minimum of business disruption.

Our proven methodologies help eliminate risk and ensure that the company enjoys a rapid return on their project investment.

We help our client's to identify metrics and KPIs that represent progress toward its strategic goals and help them to measure results periodically to ensure that they remain on target.