Our Services
Be a Catalyst enabling Economic Prosperity
ICRMS delivers business and operational excellence to its clients' through a combination of deep domain knowledge and expertise in business, credit, risk management and operations, coupled with superior skills in technology and project management.

This unique combination of skills and expertise allows us to enable our clients' achieve better results than ever before.

Our clients' also achieve their strategic and operational goals by creating sustainable value through a combination of operational excellence, change management, process engineering and custom tailored solutions created by ICRMS to meet each client's unique requirements.

Our services and solutions are based on ground realities of the specific business and not a one size model that doesn't reflect the organisation's constraints and objectives.

We deliver Advisory services, Credit Bureau Solutions, Business Process and Project Management and Customised Tailored Solutions that improve operational efficiency and reduce non-value added steps and activities.

We additionally, also deliver Call Centre, Promotions and Training Solutions by identifying the best combination of solutions and services that will enable them to improve profitability and market position.

Our clients' include some of the leading companies in the following sectors Banks and Financial Institutions, Credit Bureaus, Telecom, Retail and Professional Services.
Our Vision
We strive to be a catalyst enabling economic prosperity   for our clients' and we do that by recognising the correct balance of business processes and technology that enables our clients' to attain their goals.
Our Mission
We strive to enable our clients' to improve their profitability by increasing their customers' satisfaction and loyalty, through a focus on achieving business and operational excellence.
Principles of Action
Operational Excellence
Every client is unique, and as a result, no single solution or process works for every client, even if they are in the same industry.

We identify industry objectives best practices, recognise the ground realities, processes and procedures and deliver a tailored business solution that fits the individual client's needs and objectives.

Collaboration and Partnership
ICRMS strives to enter every client relationship with a spirit of partnership.

We work together with our clients' to find the best solution to the client's specific challenges, and we believe that ICRMS and the client are members of the same team, working together to achieve superior results.

The best measure of success is the productive, collaborative relationship that arises from people working together towards a common goal.

Our clients' appreciate our partnership approach, and as a result, we have been invited back for repeat projects.

Our clients' appreciate how well we understand their business and the way we are able to devise unique solutions to their challenges.

Client Confidentiality
Trust is an important part of any relationship, which is why we hold ourselves to the very highest standards of integrity, loyalty and respect for our client's confidentiality needs.
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